Amy Jones, President, AFP Quad Cities

Amy Jones, President

Amy is the Director of Philanthropy for Royal Neighbors of America. In this role, she leads the philanthropic efforts of the organization and its 200,000  members. In 2017, they generated more than $14 million in social good. 

Why is being a member of AFP important to you?
No one can do this job alone and it's incredible to have a group of professionals that understand this specialized area. Connecting with others is one of the most important reasons I stay involved with this group. There are so many smart and dedicated people who call nonprofits their work home. 

Why are you choosing a career in philanthropy? 
For me, I could rephrase this question as "Why have you continued to work in philanthropy?" Most of us stumble into this career because we want to make an impact on our community and we have the relationship-building skills to make a profound impact on our organization. It's an incredible honor to work alongside many of the philanthropists in this community who are doing incredible things for others. I might have stumbled into this line of work, but I have made a conscious decision to stay in it. 


Angie Kendall, President Elect

Angie is the Director of Development and Communications at Child Abuse Council of the Quad Cities. As a former program manager and direct service provider, she blends her "boots on the ground" experience with her passion for building relationships that will positively impact our community's children. 

Why is being a member of AFP important to you?
AFP has been a great resource for me as I transitioned from program development to a donor communication and fundraising position. This group provides many high-quality resources, luncheons and conferences, as well as support from a community of people who understand your challenges and will celebrate your successes. 

Why are you choosing a career in philanthropy? 
Like most nonprofit professionals, I want to make a difference. I am passionate about the safety and security of the children in our community. I want to actively participate in this process and engaging others in philanthropy is a rewarding career. 

Sara Hodgini photo.jpg

Sara Hodgini, CFRE, Past President

Why is being a member of AFP important to you? 
Being a member of AFP is important to me because I learn so much from other development staff in our community and region. It is a great place to network, share ideas and get input on ideas. 

Why are you choosing a career in philanthropy?
I chose a career in philanthropy because it is important to me to give back to the community where I was born and raised.  There are so many things in our region that wouldn't exist if not for the non-profits.  I want to be a part of making the community a great place for my daughter to grow up.


Linda Wastyn, Treasurer

Linda started Wastyn & Associates in August 2011 after 14 years in the advancement office at St. Ambrose University. Wastyn & Associates provides clients with grant development, research and writing; fundraising consultation; prospect research and identification; board development; and strategic planning facilitation. In addition to working with clients, Linda frequently teaches strategic planning, leadership, and communication for SAU and Iowa.

Why is being a member of AFP important to you?
AFP allows you to draw connections and develop relationships with others who share a similar passion and mission. The education I receive talking to other fundraisers often equals that which I receive from the formal programs … which  are excellent as well!

Why are your choosing a career in philanthropy?
I didn’t choose a career in philanthropy, it chose me! I never knew careers like this existed when I got my first job out of college as an administrative assistant for a grant funded research project that was looking for the genetic basis for alcoholism. That hooked me! I could use my education and knowledge in communication and rhetorical theory with a passion to help others and love of writing. What better career exists?!

Clare Thompson

Clare Thompson, CFRE, Past President 2016

Clare is the Executive Director of Advancement at Palmer College of Chiropractic. She has many years of fundraising experience from being a gift officer and director of alumni (among other things!).

Why is being a member of AFP important to you? 
AFP allows me to network locally and stay up to date on trends and topics in fundraising. I also appreciate the resource center on the AFP International website. 

What are you choosing a career in philanthropy? 
Honestly, because my husband could not find a job in Madison where I was coaching DIII College Women’s Basketball and Golf. We decided to move back to home (Quad Cities), and I put my relationship-building skills I had as a recruiter and team builder to use in another area of higher education – Alumni & Advancement. I have stayed in fundraising because it is a great way to have a positive impact on people and my community.

Nisha Ladlee, Family Resources

Nisha Ladlee, Board Member

Why is being a member of AFP important to you?
The networking opportunities are endless. Being a member of AFP is important to me because with every meeting and conference I am afforded the opportunity to learn from those who are doing the same work, just at a different organization. We get to bounce ideas off each other and when I am stumped with a direction to go, I can call on my colleagues to provide a little guidance from their experiences and I am glad to do the same for them. 

Why are you choosing a career in philanthropy?
I am a product of this communities giving. I stayed in the Family Resources shelter when I was younger. Helping others has been engrained in me since I was young. Whether it was volunteering for local organizations, races, and events all the way to joining the military as a military police officer. I chose a career in philanthropy because it is important to me to help shape this community and  build relationships. I love sitting down with a donor to hear their story and why they give and then I love to sit down with them again and tell them how their giving made an impact on an individual or family. I am grateful for the passion of the people of our communities.


Joscelyn Stone, Secretary

Jocelyn is the Director of Donor Engagement and Stewardship at the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend

Why is being a member of AFP important to you? 
When I was first learning the ropes as a development officer in a small shop, I signed up for several Advanced Mentoring classes offered by AFP. I learned grant writing, fundraising techniques, best practices, and where to look for great resources. The inexpensive educational courses and luncheons offered by experts through AFP are a golden opportunity. Our local chapter is also a terrific resource for peer relationships - I always appreciate fresh perspectives!

Why are you choosing a career in philanthropy? 
It is thrilling to be part of the work that will improve and enrich the lives of people in our community. To me, philanthropy is rather magical - everyone gets to feel great for being part of it. I love it when everyone wins!

Steve Goebel, AFP Quad Cities

Steve Goebel, Board Member

Steve is the Senior Planned Giving Officer for the Genesis Health Services Foundation. 

Why is being a member of AFP important to you?
Early in my career, I benefited from two services of AFP (then known as NSFRE, the National Society of Fundraising Executives): a network of professional colleagues and a regular agenda of quality educational programming. Thirty years later, it continues to provide those services and more.

Why are your choosing a career in philanthropy?
As a fund raiser, my best moments are spent relating with generous persons of passion, helping them achieve their charitable goals through health, education, and direct service organizations. Few careers offer greater personal satisfaction!

Lysa Hegland, Board Member

Lysa is the Assistant to the President and Foundation Director at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. 

Why is being a member of AFP important to you?
I value myself as a life-long learner and AFP has offered me the opportunity to stay current on the latest industry news, remain savvy with technical training, and learn hands-on with shared insight from peers who have been there, and done that.

Why are your choosing a career in philanthropy?
Each day I go into work, I am helping someone else achieve their educational dream. This is what motivates me and keeps me in this career. I am making a difference! 

Pat Herath, Board Member

Pat is the founder and executive director for Wells for Wellness. Her nonprofit works to provide wells for villages in Niger.

Why is being a member of AFP important to you?
My education is RN and a full-time mother. After my children were raised, I went into the travel business as an international travel agent. I thought I was going to see the world but not the way I saw it. When I traveled, I became aware of the need for water in third world countries.

I was introduced to AFP and they offered me top notch classes and teachers to help me every step of the way. (Of course, you have to put forth effort.) It can get lonely out there when you are developing a dream in a territory you have not been before. The members of the AFP organization were helpful, loving, encouraging and had knowledge beyond my business skills and are always willing to share them. They have become not only my teachers but my friends.

Why are you choosing a career in philanthropy? 
Believe me, I did not choose the field of Philanthropy. I did not even know how to pronounce it let alone do it. I think it choose me. I have always been a passionate and compassionate person who gives back to others and loves to help in any capacity. Once the dream of Wells4wellness was born and developed I had to make a conscious effort to stay focused on bringing fresh water to the people of Niger -- no matter how hard it is. I have meet the most wonderful people on the earth doing what I do. I have one donor who calls himself a hilarious giver. Whenever we talk we laugh the entire time and he fills me with confidence and love to keep doing what I am doing.

Michele Darland, Board Member

Michele Darland

Michele is the Relationship Advancement Director and Events Coordinator for the Putnam Museum and Science Center. As Relationship Advancement Director, she ensures donors and sponsors are engaged and validated in their support of the Putnam while continuing to seek out new support in the community. As Events Coordinator, she handles all events and facility reservations for the Putnam.

Why is being a member of AFP important to you?
I am fairly new to the fundraising profession. I have always promoted non-profit organizations but never formerly named a ‘fundraiser’. I seek the experience and support from my proven peers as to the best practices to execute the glorious and good we do everyday. AFP-QC is a great resource and welcoming group.

Why are you choosing a career in philanthropy? 
I have always gravitated towards people and organizations that lobby for a better community and a better community starts with giving back. I want to facilitate in some small way the giving back.